Seven chakra pyramid reiki set


Energies Seven Chakra pyramid reiki set 🔮💫

Pyramids are known for their powerful healing property of preservation.
The pyramid helps us cope with the changes in the body that are taking place at this very moment. They help us increase our vibration and frequency so that we can keep up with the natural universal progression.
Crystal pyramid energy healing for the aura and 7 chakras

1. Crystal pyramid meditations for clairvoyance and high spiritual vibration

2. Program crystal pyramids with reiki intentions for love, healing, money etc.

3. Focus upon a crystal pyramid while you do yoga

4. Place the crystal pyramid in your bedroom to preserve youth and beauty

Pyramids are perfect for Reiki, because Reiki operates on important universal symbols.


It is possible to purchase crystal pyramids with Reiki symbols already inscribed into the stone. However, we at Satin Crystals prefer non-etched Crystal pyramids so that you can change your intentions according to your life experiences and needs.

Infuse Reiki energy into your pyramid to intensify powers. When you input your intentions into a crystal, it helps focus the healing benefits to your particular needs. This can be for more love, money, health, spirituality, or anything you desire.

When you use Pyramids in crystal healing, you benefit from both the Power of Pyramids and also the individual healing properties of crystals you are using.



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