Amethyst energize tree, 300 beads


Amethyst energise tree🌟✨

This is an original Amethyst tree with natural Ametyst stones mined from earth. This Amethyst stone tree looks very elegant and beautiful .

Amethyst is a stone that represents spirituality and contentment in life. It has the ability of absorbing negative energy and emit positive energy. It is also called a stone of wisdom and mind. It helps to bring calmness and clarity when there is anxiety and confusion. Amethyst is considered sacred to Buddha possibly due to its ability to activate and balance the 6 chakras.

This tree is used widely for healing purposes and ward off negativity from house.
It is also good for people to face Planet Shani (Saturn) effects .
It is said to help in reducing impatience and balances high energy.
Keeping Amethyst Tree helps to lower tensions, promote clarity and brings stability in the life which further helps to keep one grounded.
It is believed to protect people who frequent travel.



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